Turbo Muin Smart B+ explanation

The Turbo Muin Smart B + is a "Fluid" "Direct Drive trainer, resistance changes concerning the speed variation, and it includes the Misure B+ sensor.

This is a graph of the powers developed by Turbo Muin Smart B+ in relation to the speed of the pedal: Turbo Muin Smart B+ power graph

A specific explanation of how the fluid trainers work can be found at this link ( Fluid trainers )

Misuro B+ sends by using wireless technology, with ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart protocols the values of:

- Measured speed

- Calculated cadence

- Calculated power

All the apps / software / devices (such as Garmin) that uses ANT + or Bluetooth Smart can receive the data mentioned above.


Note: The circumference value in the external device must be set as: wheel circumference / 13.2

Example: wheel circumference 2095mm, set in external device 2095 / 13.2 = 158mm


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