Coupon activation procedure

The coupon activation procedure for MyETraining App and MyETraining Desktop is the same.

Within the pack of the trainer, a coupon with a varies validity , depending on the trainer type.

The types of coupons are 3:

 - lifetime subscription 

 - 12 months subscription

 - 1 month subscription

Before activating a coupon, you must create an account in the App.
It will be match to the account you have already activated.

The activation mode is the same and consists of a few steps:

  • Go to the site
  • Enter the required data (the mail address used to register your profile on the App, the password you used and the code on the coupon card )
  • Please wait for the confirmation on the screen.

Below are some examples of card stock that can be inserted inside the roller pack ( the layout could be a bit different ).

Lifetime subscription

* On the red space will be printed the code for the activation


Subscription 12 Months 
new_12M_fronte.PNG new_12M_retro.PNG

* On the gray space will be printed the code for the activation


Subscription 1 Month

new_1M_fronte.PNG new_1M_retro.PNG

* On Black space will be printed the code for the activation

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    I installed the android app and created an account as the directions stated. I then entered my coupon code at site and I was able to successfully activate my coupon. However I would like to use MyETraining Desktop, not the android app for training. I can not find a link to the MyETraining Desktop. How do I access it?

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    I can use the android app for the coupon, and the coupon is shown on the desktop but nothing is accessible on the desktop but is accessible on android. The desktop keeps asking for an annual subscription? the coupon is an annual subscription.......

    Edited by Spwill2
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    Pourriez vous mettre en français votre site. Merci d'avance

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    I get the lifetime code, but it only works wit the mobile version (APP).
    For desktop use I must extra pay WTF and not all funktions are free in the mobile versiom!!

    What a bad willful deception

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    Je n'arrive pas à valider mon code d'activation ? Est il possible d'avoir une aide en français ?

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