Turno - Explanation

The Turno is a "Direct Drive" "Fluid" trainer, the resistance changes concerning the speed variation, and it has included a speed sensor ( Misuro B+ ).

This is a graph of powers created by the Turno in relation to the speed of pedaling: Turno power graph 

A specific explanation of how a fluid trainer works can be found at this link ( Fluid trainer )
The internal trainer board transmits wirelessly using ANT + and/or Bluetooth Smart protocols the values of:

- Measured speed

- Calculated cadence

- Calculated power

Any app/software/device ( such as a cycle-computer ) which uses ANT+ and/or Bluetooth Smart protocols may receive the data listed above without altering the resistance.

For more information visit the following link:

Note: The circumference value in the external device NOT ELITE must be set as: wheel circumference / 15.34

Example: wheel circumference 2095mm, set in external device 2095 / 15.34 = 137 mm

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    HELPDESK answer:
    Good aftrenoon
    Thank you for getting in touch with us
    regarding your request:
    Please take note you need to set as circumference the value of: wheel bike circumference divided by 15.19
    Please correct it and check all again
    Andrea Brotto
    Elite srl,19 or 15,34 ?????????

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    How many clicks(blinks) I need to configure misuro b+ correctly for Turno?

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    It shows less power in my mobile app elite training app. what could be the reason

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    adrian "s question is what i also want to know. i got turno smart trainer direct drive

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