Drivo-Direto comparation

Direto and Drivo are two Direct Drive trainers, so you need to remove the wheel from the bike to use them.

The main differences are as follows:
- Drivo simulates up to 24% slope, while Direto can simulate till around 14%
- The Drivo Integrated Power Sensor has more accuracy (+/- 1% maximum mistake ) than the Direct (+/- 2.5% maximum mistake )
- Pedal analysis is more detailed in Drivo (24 points per cycle versus 12 of the Direto)
- Real pedaling feeling is higher on Drivo as it has a larger flywheel and a greater internal multiplication ( pulley-flywheel ratio of about 12, and about 7 on the Direto)
- The package of Drivo includes more accessories ( it includes ANT+ dongle, a wired cadence sensor and lifetime free subscription for MyETraining app and Real software, while on Direto the dongle and the sensor are not supplied and the MyETraining app free subscription least one year )

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