FE-C trainers calibration procedure ( not for Drivo - Direto - Kura )

This procedure is not valid for :

Drivo - Direto - Kura

To calibrate the trainer you can use My E-Training app for IOS or Android devices 
If you haven't already downloaded it, download it from App Store or Google Play 

Login on My E-Training app and configure your trainer 
Then, press on "Parameters" -> "Advanced Configuration"

If you already configured an external Power-meter on the app, just click on "Calibration Wizard" and follow the procedure.

If you don't a Power-meter, click on P1, P2, P3 and modify the value of P1 and P2 as follows: 
 -  If the resistance is too high respect the power sent by the trainer increase P1 and P2 of 20 points each 
 -  If the resistance is too low respect the power sent by the trainer decrease P1 and P2 of 20 points each 

Notes: P1 and P2 values are directly connected with the uphill conditions, P3 value manages the flat road conditions, so usually is not necessary to modify it. If necessary, just repeat the same procedure as P1 and P2.
After the modification, you need to check the result and if necessary repeat the procedure till you find the correct combination ( after the first modification, remember to modify the value you just modified )

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    Don't work with my Real Turbo Muin B+

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