Calibration procedure of the internal power sensor on Drivo-Drivo2-Direto-Kura ( APP )

This procedure is necessary to calibrate the offset of the trainer's internal power sensor.

This procedure must be carried out after at least 10 minutes warmup on the trainer (with powers ranging from 100 to 150 watts)

Before you begin, make sure the trainer is properly configured on the MyETraining app.


To calibrate, follow these steps:

- Run MyETraining app

- Power on the trainer ( only in the case of Drivo or Direto, in case of Kura, pedal faster than 5 km/h for a few seconds until the LEDs start to flashing )

- Click on "Parameters" -> "Advanced Configuration"

- Click on "Calibration trainer"

- A message will appear asking you to start pedaling

- Increase the speed up to 25 km/h (the speed value is not shown in the video) until the message "Stop pedaling" appears. ( Attention: if the message doesn't appear within 10 seconds, press CANCEL and start again the procedure )

- Wait for the calibration confirmation message.


Note: The value that appears on the video at the end of the procedure is just a numeric confirmation that is saved in the trainer, and you do not have to change or save it.

We recommend trainer calibration at least twice a month during the period of use.

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  • Avatar
    Eric Perrier

    No "stop pedalling message" ever appears. No video in this procedure I can see either. What am I possibly doing wrong? Let me know, thanks.
    Kind regards,

  • Avatar
    Jack Lockhart

    I'm having exactly the same issue, the direto is picked up by zwift but not by the app when trying to calibrate. Any tips???

  • Avatar
    Eric Perrier

    Hi Jack,
    Well, it eventually worked: don't click the calibrate button first do the 10 min warmup, then clicked calibrate,...the Elite Helpdesk have been good and patient with me! So it now links with the App and with TrainerRoad but not with Zwift yet but this might be due to the Ant+ dongle. So, so far, not exactly using its smartness and doing the exact same job my Tacx Blue Matic cheap jobbie :o) but there is hope!! Good luck mate, Eric

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