Misuro B+

The Misuro B + is a speed sensor that is able to send speed / cadence / power data via the ANT + and Bluetooth Smart protocols.

The data that the sensor is able to send varies depending on the trainer on which it is applied and for which it is configured. In some cases, the data are not available by the physical nature of the trainer.

In the case of multi-level trainer, the sensor is not able to determine the position of the lever, so the power value can't be sent.

- In case of trainers with Elastogel roller, the sensor is set near the red roller, and it reads the magnet rotation.

- In case of Direct-Drive trainers, the Misuro can be set in different positions, so depending on where it has been set it can send all three values (speed, cadence, power) or only speed and power.

The protocols of the device with which the sensor connects, must be ANT + or Bluetooth Smart, followed by a brief guide:

Check device compatibility (tablet / smartphone) with ANT + or Bluetooth Smart

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