Database copy

The procedure is quite easy and you have only to take a copy of your history data, and then replace it on the right folder.

To know the right source and destination folder you have to do the same procedure twice, before and after the reset ( I suppose you have to change computer or format it ).

- Click on "Start", write on the text box the word " regedit" and push Enter

- Will open a window, in the left side please click on " HKEY_CURRENT_USER " -> "Software" ->  "Elite" -> "Real" -> "AppPath"

- If you click on "AppPath" on the right side appear 4 keys ( Default, AppPath, AppDataPath and AppCommonDataPath ).

- Read the text on AppDataPath, open that folder and copy on an external USB key ( or on Desktop ) the "Data" folder.

- At this moment you have done a copy of your whole database.


When you have to restore the database, repeat the instruction until you open the AppDataPath folder, then delete the already existed folder, and replace there the Data folder previously copied.

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    P. Salgaard

    I need some more help copy the database.. I am using windows 10 and i'm not able to read any text on AppDataPath an don't see any folder that can be opened!
    In regedit I can only see that AppDataPath is a REG_SZ and then the location of database.
    Hope you can help?

    Kind regards
    Per Hansen

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