HeartRate Belts

The trainer version ANT and version Digital are compatible with all the HR Belts with ANT+ tecnology.

Trainer version ANT Trainer version Digital
RealTour ANT Qubo Digital
RealAxiom ANT Arion Digital
RealPower ANT  
Real Emotion ANT  

Many different producer realized HR belts with this comunication protocol.

On our web site there is a HR belt ANT+ ( ).

The simbol to identify the ANT+ protocol is this : 

The HR Belt ANT+ must have this simbol.

The wired trainer are compatible with the heart cardio belt at 5 Khz coded or uncoded ( for example Polar T31  or  Polar T34 ) , but without any particular protocol as ANT+ or W.I.N.D. .

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    I have a Qubo digital Smart B+ - when I configure the trainer to my iphone 6 it has difficulty connecting to my Elite HR belt - can you help? It also asks for P1,P2,P3 values - what are these?
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    Tenho um RealAxiton e não conecta mais com as cintas ANT!

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    Can't connect my garmin premium heartbeat with the qubo digital (not B+ version). Need advice.

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