Axiom 1 - 2 - 3

Here the link to download the software compatible with Windows XP  

Axiom 1 alluminium milled roller, diameter 40 mm: version 2.0
Axiom 2 alluminium milled roller, diameter 30 mm: version 2.1
Axiom 3 Elastogel roller red o black, diameter 30 mm: version 3.2

Save the file, unzip it, open the right folder concerning the description on the second column and run the Setup.exe file to begin the installation.

The list of the salvage procedure in order to avoid intervention by the antivirus.


 - Open the mail that I send.
 - Save the file with a different (ES Axiom20eng.ALE)
 - Close the Internet connection
 - Disable the antivirus
 - Rename the file with the original Extension (
 - Decompressing and install

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