Nowadays our products aren't native Mac OS compatible but there are two different ways to use them under Mac.

We thought about future plan to develop the software for Mac, but we haven’t decided anything yet.

First solution is to create a partition on your hd and install a Windows OS on it. You can use BootCamp function of MacOS. BootCamp is a utiltity that allows to easily create partitions on your hard disk. Then you have to install Windows on it, and  Elite software ( RealTour, RealAxiom or RealPower ) . During the boot of the computer, BootCamp will prompt to select the OS you want.

Take a look at this link to see the solution to use our software with BootCamp


The second solution is to use a virtualizer software ( as Parallel Desktop ® ) to create a virtual disk where to install Windows Operation System.

Then you can run Mac Operation system, run virtualizer software and there you create Windows session.

Then Elite software can be installed and executed as it would be on a native Windows system.

Please see also this link to know the procedure to use Windows and our software with Parallel Desktop ® solution.

Knowing that these aren't normal procedure to install operation system and software, if you decide to use one of these two solutions, we will support you as best as we can.

There could be some complications due to the fact that our software wasn't developed to run on a native Windows. 

Anyway, we have seen successful results with using our software on Windows run on Parallel or Bootcamp.

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    This is all very well and nice, but Mac users don't like to partition HD, or install Parallel Desktops.... We like Mac because IT IS NOT WINDOWS! Besides, for graphics, Mac has always been ahead of Windows, this should be very important to you as all training videos are graphics intensive...
    So, make the decision and develop a Mac version!! I've been waiting 5 years....
    Cheers....... Gabe

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    Agreed greatly with Gabriel. Unlike before, mac is widely used and mac OS is much better than windows. It is stupid to buy a mac and use it on windows. :(

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