Make sure you have installed the codec by following these steps:

- Close the Real Software

- Open the Panel Control

- Open Programs and Features

- Check if it is installed the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack ( otherwise install it via this link K-Lite_Codec_Pack_1010_Mega.exe )

To change the settings, click on Start -> Programs -> K-lite Codec Pack -> Codec Tweak Tool

The window will appears like this

  • Click at the bottom of “Preferred decoders”

  • Select Microsoft in all of the first 4 elements for both the 32 and 64 for setting


  • Set the modification on the left ( 32 bit ) and on the right ( 64 bit ) column
  • Click “Apply & Close
  • Start the software Real and see if the changes have fixed the problem.
  • If it doesn’t solve the problem, try to modify the values of “microsoft” with the other settings and try to do some tests.
  • Each graphic board is different from the others
  • Enable transparency and make a test ( Run software Real, click on Settings, then Options, and Video, then click Disable transparencies )
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