Find HR Belt ANT

This procedure is usefull to register the HR serial number of an HR belt ANT on the software Real.
If there are more than one HR Belt on the same room, do this procedure with all the HR Belt to take a note about the serial number.

Download this file 

  • Unzip it, then run on all the computer when software Real has been turned off.
  • Remove the battery from all the HR belt except the HR you want to use on that specific computer.
  • Wear the HR Belt
  • Run the software "Trova_Seriale_HR.exe"
  • Click on “Start”
  • Wait until the HR value appear on the screen, then when you can see the ID, click on “Save to PC”
  • Then press on “Stop”


The software "Trova_Serial_HR" will save the HR belt serial on the registry so the next time the software Real will do the connection only with that specific HR belt.

Do the same procudure with all the HR Belt on all the PCs.


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    It is not the right information for an apple computer

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