Calibration ANT FE-C trainer and save the new calibration on the trainer

NOTE: To do the calibration, you must have a bicycle with a tool to detect the power ( ergometer like PowerTap, SRM - etc . ).



The calibration procedure allows you to tell the program exactly how much resistance generates the roller & bike on two different conditions of speed and endurance. In this way the program is able to display and brakes more accurately compared to standard conditions.

For this reason it is necessary to pedal at 2 different speeds with different resistance settings.

During the test it is necessary to take note of the power values ​​shown on the ergometer .

Calibration procedure 

- Download this file CalibrationTool - ANT FE-C
- Unzip the file to the Desktop
- Power off the resistance unit
- Make sure the Real software is shut off
- Check that the ANT USB stick is plugged into the computer

- Re-insert the power supply connector ( now the step motor moves inside this unit , producing a small vibration for a some seconds )
- Check if the led on the internal electronic board starts blinking
- Run the software CalibrationToolFEC.exe file  previously unzipped to the Desktop

- Click on OK, then press "Connect"

- Start pedaling and wait until the connection message dissapear and the speed value appear on the screen
- Select PA on-screen and start pedaling
- Continue pedaling until the black arrow remains inside the light blue square. Try to maintain constant speed.
- Write down watts value from the ergometer, but DO NOT STOP PEDALING.
- Select PB and continue pedaling, repeat the procedure above.
- Stop pedaling.
- Exit “Calibration Tool FEC”. 

Setting new calibration values into the trainer (optional)

 - This procedure stores the Calibration Values found in the previous procedure into the trainers.
 - Download the “Real_Trainer_Calibration” tool (link).
 - Unzip the files into a folder and execute the “Real_Trainer_Calibration.exe”.
 - Select the “Qubo Digital Smart B+” as trainer type.
 - Place the trainer as closer as possible to the ANT USB dongle.
 - Be sure that the trainer is active (the led by the power connector should be blinking) and click on the START button.
 - Input the Calibration Values measured in the previous phase with the power meter and click OK button.
 - Wait for the end of the procedure. Note this procedure takes about 11 minutes.
 - Close the “Real_Trainer_Calibration” software.

Now the trainer has the power values updated.

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    Is it possible to save calibration values to the real power ant+ in order to make it run properly on zwift?

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