Driver ANT installation

The software MYETraining uses the "ANT+" or "Bluetooth Smart" protocol to communicate with the trainer or with the external speed/cadence/power/heart-rate sensors.

The MyETraining software for Windows is compatible with the ANT+ protocol ( the Bluetooth version is already planned to be released in the future )

To manage the ANT+ connection, the PC needs the USB ANT+ dongle 

 - mini USB dongle LifeLine-ANT-USB-Stick-GPS-Cycle-Computers-LL-ANTUSB-M.jpg 
( available on our store )

 - standard USB dongle  pd06.jpg

The driver installation should be managed automatically from the PC if it is online, otherwise it is necessary to install them manually.

 - Connect the PC online or download this tool: 

 - Export the folder on the Desktop
 - Click on "Contro Panel"
 - Click on "System"
 - Click on "Device manager"

It should appear a little window like this:

screenshot2.PNG   screenshot3.png

 - Right click on "ANT USBStick2" or on "ANT USB-m Stick" concerning the dongle you have and click on "Driver Upgrade"

 - Click on "Search on the PC"

 - Select on the Desktop the folder you previously exported

 - Confirm the installation

Automatically the automatic installation procedure begins.

Note: eventually check this external guide how to uninstall and install the ANT driver 

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