COM port connection

Please follow this procedure: 

Download the zip file from this link: 

Unzip it ( the file on it is empty, it is OK, the software only needs to find the file )
Copy the .txt file on the folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Elite\Real (check the place of Real software on your PC)
You should check on the device manager if the USB port has been installed correctly. 
To do this, please follow these easy instruction. 
Click on "Start" -> "Panel Control", then click on "System" and then on "Device Manager" ( if icon "System" doesn't appear, try to modify the icons view settings from "Category" to "Little icons" ) 
Under "Port ( COM & LPT )" group you should find "USB Serial Port (COM xx)" 
If the Dongle has been installed on a COM number different then 2 ( you can see it on the label name, it appear like "USB Serial Port (COM3)" ) then please modify it as follow.
Do the right click on the "USB Serial Port (COM xx)", click on "Property" and then on "Port settings". 
Under "Advanced" settings and check if the Port number is 4 or higher, if not so, please change it putting a COM from 4 to up
Unplug the USB cable from the PC and then plug again and then run again Real software

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